PMO Specialist - Makkah, KSA

The PMO Specialist is responsible for tracking and providing oversight of the implementation of various projects spanning strategic, operational, and development initiatives.

What you will do

This role interacts with the projects teams throughout their lifecycle, from concept and options analysis through design and execution and post project review. Roles and responsibilities include:

  • Analyzing project and portfolio data, developing metrics & benchmarks, and providing insightful reporting required by internal and external stakeholders.
  • Identifying and monitoring project and/or program and/or portfolio risks (threats and opportunities), planning and implementing responses to them and responding to other issues that affect projects and/or programs and/or portfolios.
  • Managing stakeholders, taking account of their levels of influence and particular interests.
  • Assisting in building a project management culture by Identifying and/or developing frameworks, methodologies, and processes that ensure management of projects and/or programs and/or portfolios will be comprehensive and consistent across different initiatives.
  • Participating in the improvement of project and portfolio management methodologies.
  • Establishing and managing reviews at appropriate points during and after projects and/or programs in portfolios, providing evaluations of progress, methodologies and continuing relevance.
  • Identifying, defining, evaluating, planning, tracking and realizing the business benefits of programs (and/or the projects within them).
  • Monitoring and tracking KPIs/initiatives/projects milestones, resolving issues, escalating risks, and proposing corrective actions.
  • Supporting the integration of project outputs and/or program outcomes/benefits into business-as-usual, addressing the readiness of users, compatibility of work systems and the realization of benefits.
  • Identifying conflicts, overlaps, lack of synergies, etc. in programs and projects, and bringing together the relevant parties to resolve and align as needed.
  • Preparing and maintaining an overall schedule for resource use, which avoids bottlenecks and conflicting demands, and sequencing outcomes, to enable the efficient realization of benefits.
Skills and Competencies
  • PMP or Prince II
  • 5 to 7 years experience