Strategy Management Specialist - Makkah, KSA

The Strategic Management Specialist is responsible for tracking and providing oversight on the implementation of organization strategy and governance and its alignment with national strategies and programs.

What you will do
  • Supporting and overseeing the implementation of organization mandate and strategy including organization alignment performance (KPI) management.
  • Assisting in the review, update/realignment of organization strategy.
  • Assisting in prioritization of programs and projects.
  • Managing strategic initiatives by analyzing project and portfolio data, developing metrics & benchmarks, and providing insightful reporting.
  • Assisting in developing frameworks, methodologies, and processes that ensure consistent and comprehensive implementation across different initiatives.
  • Establishing and managing reviews at appropriate points during and after strategic initiatives, providing evaluations of progress, methodologies and continuing relevance.
  • Identifying, defining, evaluating, planning, tracking and realizing the business benefits of strategic initiatives/programs (and/or the projects within them).
  • Supporting the integration of project outputs and/or program outcomes/benefits into business-as-usual, addressing the readiness of users, compatibility of work systems and the realization of benefits.
  • Gathering independent evidence that the information from projects and/or programs and/or portfolios is valid and are likely to achieve their aims.
Skills and Competencies
  • PMP, Strategic Management Professional (SMP) or equivalent certification desirable
  • 5 to 7 years experience