Together against hunger
December 2019

We at SETS Group can’t think of a better way to close out the year than by supporting others and our local communities. From SETS International & Mindsets Strategy & Decision Advisors we extend all support and admiration to Ajialouna NGO in their mission

Fun day with Dar El Aytam
May 2019

لانو العيد ما بيكمل الاّ بالمشاركة ... شكراً دار الأيتام الإسلامية لتلبيتكم دعوتنا لقضاء يوم مليء بالفرح مع 40 طفل ينعاد عليكم

Lifesaving mission
August 2019

Today our team rolled their sleeves and focused on saving lives. In collaboration with Shifaa NGO and AUBMC blood bank, we were able to help 93 patients in need!

COVID-19 Risk Index
June 2020

Driven by our “Care” value, SETS group presents “COVREX” - COVID 19 Risk index which has been created to assist Governments and the Public in making informed decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Road Safety
June 2019

Driven by our CARE value, and as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility activities, SETS team of experts and in collaboration with Rebranding Tripoli NGO offered the Ministry of Transport to conduct a Road Safety Assessment at Palma Bridge. The aim of this project is to enhance the road users safety by technically assessing attainable road safety elements and proposing specific customized mitigation measures for the defects to improve the safety and well being of road users