Participatory Infrastructure Project

With the aim being to contribute to the local socio-economic development in the informal areas of Greater Cairo Region (GCR), SETS in cooperation with GOPA-INFRA were commissioned, by Deutsche Gesellschaft Für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), to undertake design and supervision services for the Participatory Infrastructure Project – PIP in Egypt.


As with other cities, GCR is the prime engine of economic growth and the main population center in Egypt, with a share of 40% of the urban population, resulting in tremendous demands on urban services of all kinds, and high pressure on infrastructure networks and livelihood of citizens.


The project objective is to improve the delivery of basic infrastructures and services by constructing up to 35 medium scale infrastructure measures selected through application of an integrated participatory urban development approach. The works shall take place in 9 informal areas in GCR, namely Ain Shams, Ezbet El Nasr, Matariya, Masaken Geziret El Dahab, El Warraq, Old Boulaq, Qalyub, Khosoos and Shubra El Kheima.


SETS scope includes the Development of Designs, Preparation of Tender Documents, and Supervision of the construction works for Infrastructure projects.


The project is set to be finalized by 2022.