SETS has expert capabilities to provide specialist services and innovative solutions for transport & infrastructure systems, including strategic transport planning, transport policies and systems, transport engineering & modeling, traffic management & systems, smart & wise cities, urban infrastructure development and BIM for highways and infrastructure.

Strategic Transport Planning

- From the multinational, to the national through to the corridor level.
- Multimodal and intermodal solutions for passenger and goods movement.
- Strategic alternatives addressing  multiple and varied objectives including rationalizing investment, supporting future economic and social development, improving safety,among others.

Transport Policies & Systems

- Development of land, marine and public transport policies and systems.
- Innovative transport funding schemes involving private sector financing.
- Integration of technical considerations with institutional/stakeholder concerns.

Transport Engineering

- Planning and design of highways and transport infrastructure systems.
- Construction management & supervision of roads and highways projects.

Transport Modeling

- Development and operation of transport demand models utilizing proven scientific theories and practices.
- Development and calibration of simulation models at Macro, Meso, and Micro levels.
- Development, execution and analysis of transport surveys (HHS, JT, RSI, Landuse, Traffic Counts, and others).
- Recommendations of innovative technologies and integration of GIS with demand modeling.
- Use of advanced transport modeling and traffic simulation software: Emme, PTV (VISUM,  VISSIM,  VISTRO), CUBE, SYNCHRO, TransCAD, Paramics, Aimsun, and others.

Traffic Management & Systems

- Traffic management schemes for mega projects that aim at optimizing road capacity utilization, improving safety, enhancing logistics, alleviating congestion, and minimizing environmental impacts.
- Developing Intelligent Transport System (ITS) concepts, specifications and applications, and generating software and models for planning, and evaluating the impacts of ITS deployment.
- Circulation schemes, traffic calming, logistics management.
- Design and development of practical parking management and control schemes, ranging from individual buildings to big developments.
- Design, operations and management of public transport systems.

Smart and Wise Cities

- Strategic vision for smart cities and wise cities in the MENA region.
- Defining opportunities and challenges within the MENA region on how to leap frog to smart and wise cities.
- Developing concept notes and white papers for concerned agencies to
foster innovation and technology toward achieving smart cities.

Urban Infrastructure

Comprehensive services within the urban context, to both private developers and public authorities, which range in scale from individual sites to large scale, mixed-use developments. These include the planning and design for modern and sustainable infrastructure systems including:
- Power Supply Systems
- Telecommunications & Data Networks
- Water Supply Systems
- Sewerage Systems
- Storm water Drainage Systems
- Irrigation
- Firefighting Systems
- District Cooling Systems

BIM for Highways & Infrastructure

Implementing BIM (Building Information Modeling) for highways and infrastructure by integrating project data within 3D models, to achieve: 
- Better project visualization
- Improved design workflow
- Increased design accuracy and quality
- Better coordination between design disciplines (clash free designs)
- Increased efficiency in delivery production
- Producing 2D and 3D design documentations, quantity take off, construction sequencing.
- Using BIM Software including Autodesk Civil 3D, AutoCAD Utility Design and Revit

Innovative Schemes and Solutions

Our Transport & Infrastructure professionals are committed to deliver innovative schemes and solutions that take into consideration:
- The use of up to date design, planning and engineering techniques.
- Smarter infrastructure planning for long-term sustainability.
- The intelligent use of data to drive better decisions.
- The evolution of technology and innovation across different cities / sectors.
- Environmentally friendly processes within buildings.
- Offering better experience to users.
- Protection against fires and natural disasters.