SETS  Architecture and Planning Department  is thoroughly involved in the development of architecture projects that vary between small to large scale, through the different phases from conceptual design, to tender documents. We put great consideration in enhancing the caliber of our staff, together with our management strategies, to ensure a high quality end product, meeting client expectations.

We are constantly expanding our expertise in various fields ranging from hospitality, governmental, educational, and mixed use, to hospitals and healthcare facilities, while staying updated with the new technologies.

A major aspect we account for in our design considerations is Sustainable Design. Environmental requirements greatly influence our design decisions aiming at a green future hence contributing to a healthy planet.

We are involved in, we contribute to and we successfully lead from inception, planning to completion projects of various nature and complexities in the following sectors:


Architectural Design

A portfolio of over 100 architectural projects of various categories and complexities, ranging from housing compounds and private villas to residential towers and royal palaces.
Our expertise has expanded to include the design of research facilities such as clean labs and industrial labs, educational facilities such as university campuses and schools, training facilities and conference centers and health facilities including private/public hospitals and clinics.
SETS’ wealth of knowledge has contributed to the inception and completion of various corporate and industrial buildings.

Urban Planning, Design and Landscape

- A wide range of services within the urban planning, design and landscape context.
- Services are provided to both private developers and the public sector, and range in scale from individual sites to large scale, mixed-use master plans.
- Our aim is to enrich the quality of urban places by encouraging distinctive solutions that rise from and complement the existing settings. Our designs are responsive to future changes; sensitive to energy efficiency, creating flexibility, and introducing new approaches to functional efficiency and integration.

Historic Buildings Restoration

- SETS provides a wide range of highly specialized services in the field of restoration of historic buildings. Services are delivered by a team of qualified restoration specialists with outstanding capabilities and broad diversified experience and knowledge of a variety of local and international codes, standards and requirements, including UNESCO requirements.
- Services include assessment and documentation of existing buildings conditions; structural assessment and definition of strengthening needs; identification of allowable interventions and conservation methods; architectural conservation & restoration designs; 3D scanning and virtual design & construction (VDC) modeling; management & supervision of restoration works; technical support to owners and contractors in developing / implementing restoration schemes.

Interior Design

- A wide range of services, renovations, additions and the most creative solutions within the Interior Design context.
- Services are provided to commercial, leisure and residential projects as well.
- Our experience of working with different types of clients, spaces and environments has given us the strength to understand the local and international market, allowing us to build trust as a foundation to our work.