SETS’ Water, Environment & Sustainability provides in-depth scientific and engineering consulting services in the environment and water resources fields, from studies and master plans in resource management to detailed engineering services, tackling the challenges of sustainability and climate change throughout every project lifecycle. SETS’ team of experts and consultants has extensive local, regional, and international experience in design at different scales and solving problems in a variety of disciplines.

Wet Utilities

Water supply networks, sewage networks, storm water drainage networks, irrigation networks and firefighting networks, water and wastewater treatment, green infrastructure, conveyance and water transmission design, and small dams and hydraulic structures.

Municipal and Industrial Waste

Landfill design, solid and industrial waste management, solid waste collection systems, leachate treatment and disposal, and recycling and reuse plans.


Strategic environmental assessment, environmental impact assessment, climate change adaptation and mitigation, climate change impact assessment, air quality management, atmospheric dispersion and emissions/exposure health assessment, ecosystem management, biodiversity conservation, and sustainable agriculture.

Applied Information Technology in Water and Environment

Database development, decision support systems, integrated infrastructure systems, and system dynamics modeling and optimization.

Capacity Building

Participatory planning and management, training, and institutional strengthening.