SETS offers its clients in the public and private sectors the full spectrum of electromechanical services for individual buildings, major developments, and road projects. These services employ cutting-edge engineering solutions that accentuate innovation and high quality while embedding sustainability in every aspect of the project.

Engineering Infrastructure Services

>Infrastructure planning & demand assessments for major developments
>Medium voltage (MV) infrastructure distribution networks
>Low voltage (LV) infrastructure distribution networks
>Telecommunications & low current infrastructure networks
>Outdoor lighting (roads, tunnels, bridges, interchanges & general area lighting) including emergency lighting for tunnels
>Traffic signal & intelligent transport systems (ITS)
>Utilities protection, relocation and diversion schemes for roads & metro projects

Engineering Building Services

>Indoor & facade lighting including emergency lighting & central battery systems
>Low voltage (LV) power distribution systems
>Emergency Power Supply, standby generators & uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
>Grounding & lightning protection systems
>Telecom & data systems
>Low current systems (fire alarm, voice evacuation, CCTV, access control & intrusion detection)
>Audio visual, public address and background music systems
>Vertical transportation simulation & assessments
>District cooling & HVAC systems including smoke extract & control, heating installations including boiler plants
>Building management & automation systems
>Plumbing & drainage systems including grey water recycling, LPG & medical gas
>Firefighting systems including pre-action, dry & wet chemical extinguishing systems

Construction Management

>Management services (approval of invoices, follow up on site work progress, among others)
>MEP tender documents review prior to construction works ( Review of tender drawings, specification and Bill of Quantity)
> Review and approval for documents submitted by the contractor ( review of shop drawings, review of material submittals, review of as-built drawings).
> Follow up on work executed on site to ensure it is according to approved documents.
>Peer reviews of engineering designs by other firms
>Value engineering assessments

Sustainability Reviews and Assessments

>Sustainability assessments (LEED, BREEAM, ESTDAMA, QSAS, etc.)
>Energy audits & thermal modeling
>Energy conservation & management