With the advent of big data, advancements in computation power, emerging Artificial Intelligence applications; the Data Services Unit (DSU) was established to utilize data and technology to support informed decision-making processes across the region and generate business value / opportunities for our clients.

Through harnessing the power of advanced analytics and computing, data itself can produce rich information, which ultimately builds the knowledge needed to take informative decisions. Only then can data-driven planning and policy-making become a reality.

The DSU utilizes the latest data tools in the market to answer complex questions, create new insights on the past & present, and pave the way to the future of our cities by using advanced predictive analytics techniques and visualizations tools.

Our ultimate goals are to:
- Spread the Culture of Data
- Create Value through open and Available Data
- Foster Data-Driven Planning
- Understand Local Context through Data
- Make Data Visualization Memorable

Data Development & Management

Harvesting and compiling data from a myriad of sources, conducting surveys, crowdsourcing data from available on-line sources, processing unstructured data from the web, and creating new real-time information.

Data Analytics & Visualization

Mapping & Geospatial Analysis, Uncovering the Potential of Data, Deriving Insights from Data, Creating Memorable & Interactive Visualization

Data Digital Tools Algorithms

Software Development, Digital Mapping Tools, Web Applications, Training and Capacity Building

Data Platforms

> System Requirements
> Branding Design
> Backend Development
> Analytics & Visualization
> Warehousing
> Testing
> Hosting & Maintenance